Rain International – Scam Or Gem?

Rain International  – A Scam Or A Gem?

My Expert Review On Rain International..

Let me tell you right upfront…I am biased when it comes to Rain International…

Maybe you want to read this article because you are interested in buildning a business with Rain International and you wonder whether that is a good decision..a gem..

Company, Owners, Leaders, Products, Team

I´d say maybe…Rain International – the company, the owners, the leadership, the products, the industry they are all top notch…it all comes down to YOU and the TEAM you choose to enroll with..

The System

You know people who make it in Rain International and in the network marketing industry are part of a proven system that give everyone that joins that team the same chance to succeed. Teams without systems fail…and the network marketing companies don´t provide systems..you need a team for that…

There are all sorts of systems out there bu very few that actually work for most people…I´d say 90% of all systems are outdated and would not work for people today…

What you want is a system that works on the internet, that you can use where ever you are in the world…because you want FREEDOM!

The Vehicle

Rain International do provide a vehicle that can give you freedom when you also have a system that makes that vehicle move…that ignites the vehicle.

In our team we follow a proven system that is so simple anyone can build a successful Rain business with it.

You don´t have to chase friends and family, you will not have to pick up the phone, you will not have to approach stangers…instead you will learn simple free marketing online strategies to connect with people who´d also like to have FREEDOM in their lives, to be able to do more of what they want to do…

The products

By the way, the Rain International products are unique and have been helping people all over the world getting their health back since 2011. The products are science based with third party validation. All plantbased and seed based, totally vegan and environmently friendly…no additivs, no pesticides, no GMO.

Rain International Scam or Gem
Rain International Scam or Gem

The Community

I welcome you to Rain International and our Team Nova – if you want to be the next SuperNova. We have a great international community with positive thinking people wanting to help themselves and other to greater freedom in life…

My Conclusion on whether Rain International is a scam or a gem…

Rain International is definitely NOT a scam but a GEM…maybe the most beautiful gem you´ve ever seen…

Who am I?

My name is Lilian Druve, I’m from Sweden and I’m a trained teacher…what I didn’t like about being a teacher is you have to fit into someone else’s expectations of what you are supposed to do. You have to show up for work each and every day, you can´t take off even if it´s sunnier a couple of states or countries away and you so desperately needs the sun and also the pay isn´t anything that would make your bank accounts smile and say thank you, even if you are the hardest working and most appreciated teacher.

I was exposed to the Rain International business online 2,5 years ago by a friend over in the US and decided to get involved as I wanted to be able to work from anywhere, to pay off all my debts, and basically be able to do more of what I love to do in life. And with the low investment to get started it was a no brainer.

And now I´m really super excited because instead of teaching 30 often unmotivated students I can now teach 1000s of excited people around the world how they too, using a simple step-by-step system, can quit their jobs, pay off their debts, own their fully paid for residence, work from anywhere and do more of what they love to do in life.

What is it you would love to do more of in your life?

Contact info:

druveloong@yahoo.com (if nothing else works)


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